Hola me llamo Dui estas biendo mi blog si me sigues te sigo y si no aun asi te sigo
Mi blog no es de un solo tema en especifico pero es graciosos sabio sexoso y etc
XOXO dui



 I have to say I’m a fan of Peto Coast’s work ;) and the freckly bottom? Wow.

The bitch is in full heat and works as a powerful aphrodisiac on the stud who starts to give mounting signs. His state of excitement triggers his impulse to mount. The first sign the stud is progressing, is the rubbing  head/neck on the bitch. The stud looks and sniffs. He starts dropping. The stud teases to the bitch, a close visual stimulant, and is aroused enough to mount. The stud exhibits full libido and sexual interest. The bitch gets afraid and wants to kick the stud in the balls, but the stud looks and sniffs underneath and prevents any possible kick by brutal insertion retracting his cock immediately. The bitches pain prevents all further kicking. She is now mesmerized and overwhelmed, hypnotised by the short time of cock up cunt. The stud waits and rejoyces in his coming pleasure and sadistically in the bitches coming pain: “You’re going to feel it, slut, and won’t be able to sit for a week for my pleasure.” , the stud says. This is a natural ritual, and should should be strongly stimulated in studs as it paralyses the bitch still more and dilates her. Some studs excite themselves in this manner. When the stud finally does mount, with a full erection, he will bump the mount with his penis once or twice. This is the natural copulation. Then he will go fully, biting the bitch in the neck marking his breeding. 

Before mount it is highly advisable the stud pisses on the bitches cunt to disinfect it. The scent of his own piss on the bitches cunt will moreover work as a strong aphrodisiac on the stud.

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@bengineerbutton: #Happy21BirthdayLiam 🎉🎸🇬🇧vocals always perfection🙌 & always giving it his all for you guys at these shows! Don’t forget to show him love today for his bday guys, cuz he always does for u😁 #Wembley

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